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About Us



Cape Diamond was incorporated in 1988 in the USA as a sales and application company for the manufacturing division of Cape Diamond LTD. in England.  In 1991, the owners of Cape Diamond USA formed Cape Abrasives.  Cape Abrasives began manufacturing and replating super abrasive grinding wheels in-house.  The owners of Cape Abrasives developed a cutting tool line and formed Hauser Engineering in 1997 to manufacture the new line.  Hauser Engineering started with one 4-axes CNC grinder made in-house as its primary grinding machine to manufacture and resharpen cutting tools.  The company has since built or rebuilt thirteen grinders for the cutting tool industry.

On July 1, 2004, Cape Abrasives and Hauser Engineering merged and began operating under the name, Hauser, Inc.  The merger and name change were made to better reflect the diverse product line that is manufactured today.  Hauser, Inc has documented cost saving programs at large automotive plants. These results come from excellent grinding equipment, outstanding people, and sound engineering principals.


Corporation Ownership Information

Ron Hauser is the president and owner of Hauser, Inc.  He graduated from GMI
Institute with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1983.  His thesis was on “Improving Methods in Tool and Cutter Grinding”.  He investigated all families of tools and the best method of sharpening.  Ron worked for General Motors Powertrain Division in Toledo until December 1983 and then moved to Walter Grinders, Inc. for the next five 5 years.  During these 5 years, Ron worked as an application engineer, software engineer, and engineering manager. While at Walter Grinders, Ron saw a wide range of cutting tool users across the metal working industries.


Our Quality Policy

Hauser Inc believes quality is consistently providing products which meet customer expectations. We accomplish this by monitoring and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system to meet customer’s expectations through innovation and compliance with applicable standards and regulations.