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Hauser Incorporated’s Compression Routers are designed and manufactured to run fast cuts in solid hard and soft woods, laminates, and double sided veneers.

For longer lasting tool life, a fine carbide finish, and tools that stay sharper longer contact Hauser Incorporated with your Compression Router needs.

High Performance Rougher Benefits:

      • Compression Routers are designed specifically to reduce or eliminate delamination and burrs on composite and wood.
      • On double sided laminates the right hand flutes at the end of the tool cuts (PUSHES) up and the left handed flutes cut down compressing the outside of the material toward the center. This eliminates the burrs and delamination problems.
      • Compression Finishers leave a smooth finish.
      • Compression Roughers can be run at a higher speed leaving a slightly rougher finish.


Compression Routers Specifications

EDP # Mill Diam. LOC OAL Flutes Type
375100CRRPR 3/8” 1″ 3″ 2 Rough Pitch Rougher
5001750CR 1/2” 1-3/4″ 4″ 2 Finisher
5001750CRFPR 1/2″ 1-3/4″ 4″ 2 Fine Pitch Rougher
5001750CRRPR 1/2” 1-3/4″ 4″ 2 Rough Pitch Rougher