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Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels

Hauser Incorporated offers high quality single layer Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels for your industrial needs. We pride ourselves on taking innovative steps to be a leader in improvements with both our CBN Grinding Wheels and Diamond Grinding Wheels, which we Manufacture and Replate at our facility.

If you are looking for plated Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels that adapt well with your machinery to produce high quality results than look no further, Contact Hauser Incorporated for your Super Abrasive Grinding Wheel needs

Manufacture and Replate Superabrasive Grinding Wheels

Diameter: 1/8″- 30″ Diameter
Diamond: D20/30-1000 Mesh
CBN: B30/40-1000 Mesh.


We offer 3 working day delivery for specific wheel diameter and types.
Please contact us for a quote on this option.

The Benefits of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels:

• Faster Grind Times
• Elimination of Dressing Times
• Elimination of Dressing Tools
• Reduced Set-up Time

• Reduces Scrap
• Reduced Elimination of Offsets
• Reusable Steel Cores

Recommended for the following Industries:

• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Bearings
• Medical
• Gear Manufacturing
• Ceramic
• Cutting Tool Manufacturing & Regrind
• Job Shop
• Tool & Die
• Concrete Grinding